Little Gallivanter Fitness Tracker App

What app to download?
The app to download is called Wearfit 2.0. This app is used to set the time, date and all other settings and features of the watch. Please see the links below to download the app for your device:
Apple devices -‎WearFit 2.0 on the App Store (

Google Android -WearFit2.0 – Apps on Google Play

How do I connect the watch to the app?
Once you open the app, press 'mine' located at the bottom right of the screen then 'connection management' (ensuring your device Bluetooth is switched on) and bind bracelet. Wait a few moments and the device will appear here, select the device and the watch will connect to your device.

The time and date will then sync up.

1) Press Mine then connection management                                     

2) Press Bind Bracelet

3) Wait for device to appear (this can take a few minutes) and make sure your device has Bluetooth switched on. Then tap on the watch when it appears to connect.

If you get an alert on your phone to pair please press 'allow' or accept and allow the phone to display notifications.

That's it, you’re connected and ready to go! Your watch will start counting steps and sync up with your phone when you next open the app. There's no need to have your phone with you if you go out running for example. The watch will sync up with the app when you're home.

Explore the rest of the settings to set up alerts for phone calls and txt messages.