How to reset the Gallivanter

If you are having trouble with your Little Gallivanter tracking steps or one of the functions isnt working please try the following steps.

⦁ Run the battery completely flat then charge back up as normal. You may need to press and hold the function button on the watch screen to restart the watch.

⦁ Press the function button to get to the ‘other’ menu (the cog symbol). Hold down the function button for 5 seconds, this will bring up a submenu. press the function button until you see 'reset'. Press and hold the function button to reset the device and wait until the screen goes blank. Once off, press and hold again for 5 seconds to switch the watch back on.

⦁ Make sure the firmware is up to date by pressing menu in the app then at the bottom of the menu select check firmware.

⦁ Ensure you're using the 'wearfit 2.0' app. There are other apps called wearfit and wearfit pro which will not work
Please see the links below to download the app for your device:
Apple devices -‎WearFit 2.0 on the App Store (

Google Android -WearFit2.0 – Apps on Google Play