Fitness Activities For Kids

Keeping kids fit and active doesn't need to be a challenge. you can make it fun not just for your kids but for you too!  Below we've outlined a few activities that you can do to keep fit.

Skipping - A classic, you don't even need to have a proper skipping rope, a piece of ordinary rope that you may have in the garage will work. If you have 2 adults you can hold an end each and do a big circles to see how many times the kids can jump over it. Keep count to encourage the kids to keep going to beat their score. The good thing is you can get a few kids skipping at the same time with 1 rope.

DIY obstacle course - This can either be done around the house or outside. You can the next fun house by getting the kids to run around furniture, jump over boxes, hula hoop 10 times etc you can be as creative as you like. You can even get the kids to be creative and point the obstacles like boxes to keep them entertained for longer.

Baloons - Baloons are great, blow it up let go and everyone can chase it

Water fight! - If its a sunny day get some cheap water pistols and go to town

Play Army - Enlist your kids into your own army! Get them to dress up as soldiers and put the recruits through a boot camp. Jumping jacks, Sprinting, Forward rolls, cart wheels. Once the recruits have finished boot camp get creative and build bases with old boxes, blankets etc. If you have a tent get them to put it up in the garden.

Scavenger hunt - Again this can be done in doors or outdoors. They don't have to find prizes it can be anything they search for. The fun is in the hunt! Write some clues down to find if you want to be more creative.

Simple games - Catch, football, hopscotch, pillow fights, tig, tug of war

Dancing - Make a cool list on Spotify and get dancing!

So that concludes our list, do you have anything that the kids love doing? Remember to have a look at out fitness watches if you want to keep a track of your steps and distance traveled doing all this activity!